How to find your perfect match on dating apps during Lock Down

  • February 16, 2021 08:35
We all want that magnetic connection, the thrill that comes with the chase. The riveting sense of importance, the flow of emotions that follows once you meet your exquisite man or woman. Yet the many uncertainties that surround dating. It can be scary we know, that's why here at Boujee connect we put in the work to make your free online dating easy.

Online dating does not have to be that hard, at least not if we knew what we wanted. The truth is that this whole thing can be very confusing.

Nevertheless, you can be confident that we are here to make it as easy as possible.

Keep in mind, we do not claim to be professionals in this dating thing. It’s an illusion. The fact that humans respond differently to similar situations and experiences is evidence enough.

So, we have put together these tips to help you find your match.

1. Be yourself
There is real pressure to make an impression or to make your conversations as meaningful as possible. Hey, you want to avoid that. The fact remains that online dating can be exhilarating if we approach it with genuine interest, thoughtfulness, and care. We often fall under the lure to want to know everything about our date, so sometimes we ask unsettling questions. Here is the thing; a date that will mature into a meaningful relationship is like a marathon. The secret is to go slow, steady and consistent.

2. Know what you want or at the least have an idea
This one right here you can’t take for granted. Online dating is rewarding, but like everything on the internet, you might be wasting your time if you do not clarify what your goal is. The goal here includes knowing in clear terms your definition of a classic man and a boss woman. Boujee connect opens the window to a world of online dating where you can explore and still be in control.

3. Your ideal date might have a scanty looking profile
People do not necessarily have an insignia on their profile saying, “Hey, I am rich, I’m a good date, I’m fun, I ‘m this I’m that”. The point is that profiles can be deceptive. You have to engage that man or woman to get a sense of who they are. Avoid the temptation to judge people by what their profile looks like. Evidence, however, suggests that profiles are often a reflection of the person behind the keyboard. You would want to pay attention to a thoughtfully crafted profile.

4. Consider a virtual video date first before meeting in real life.
Yes, this can be fun, better believe it. When you meet that exciting person online, a virtual date could help you both learn about each other faster before you even met in real life. It could be a virtual dinner date, lunch date, or even a cooking date. I mean, these are little ways you both can have fun and avoid getting bored over typing long texts. The beauty of it is that you both would have started building meaningful memories and bonding before you even met.

5. Guys, you have to pay attention
You have to pay attention to his or her choice of words, tone, and reactions. This is a no-brainer that we often get carried away so we ignore. Don’t!

This is not an exhaustive list, not by any means. But I guarantee you that they will be getting you off to a healthy start. Online dating does not have to be hard if only we can see the amazing opportunities there are to meet lifelong partners and lovers.

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