Excited about your first date? Learn How to turn awkward moments around.

  • February 16, 2021 08:35
Now, you've been getting to know this incredible lady or gent and things are progressing just fine. The texts are on point, the video calls keep you wanting more, intermittent calls between work and other days activities, and perhaps, you've shared a couple of virtual date nights. It’s the fourth weekend since you met online and the timing feels perfect for a physical date. Here you are feeling nervous and indecisive — what to wear, what not to. You just want to look impressive while still being your exquisite self.

Thanks to Boujee Connect's dress up services, you've picked just the right piece of clothes and accessories.

Fast forward to a few days later, finally, it’s the day we've been waiting for. But, here is the problem. It’s just fifteen minutes into your date and you seem to have exhausted everything there is to talk about.

Well, you are not alone as this is a common experience. Remember that you both haven’t shared enough of your mutual goals or vision, nor do you have mutual friends with whom your experiences could form a conversation.

But there’s something you didn’t know, if you both made a perfect match during your online date, chances are that you share certain intriguing life experiences, aspirations, and many more commonalities. Therefore, the primary goal of a first date is to discover these points of attraction.

Still, both of you are trapped in this awkward silence, not knowing how to breakout. Your mind throbbing at levels never felt before, nervous while trying to find a way to break the unholy silence.

Chill, don’t sweat it.

It happens to the best of us. Doesn’t even matter how smart you are.

That’s why our online dating services are wholesome and would help you get through every block in your online dating experience, at least until it progresses to a viable relationship.

So, given the awkward silence, how do you turn it around to moments that occasion a second date. Don’t forget, the reward for a first date is a possibility of a repeat date, and you want to keep the chances high.

To make that happen, consider these five date conversations.

1. Talk about your travels
This is a great chance to discuss places of mutual interests, cities you've both visited, things you loved and all. Also, discuss places you would love to visit. You never can tell, you both may just be making plans for one of those weekend getaways that might make all the difference.

2. Talk about your ambitions and aspirations
Might feel like an interview, but if you express just enough candour, your passion will be felt by your date. It is actually at this point that visions align. Your dates begin to get a feeling that you both can walk a good part of your relationship together. You do want your energy to be felt. It will also help your date gauge your commitment to your future. While you are at it, remember to give your date the chance to talk about theirs.

3. Talk about movies, music, and sport
Movies, music, sports! They can make great topics for brilliant conversations. What you didn’t know is that the kind of music your date listens to and the movies they see can help you to gauge his/her level of intelligence. Best believe, intelligence is sexy, and who doesn’t love sexy? Talk about sports too. They matter because they provide a rallying point for opinions and social perspective.

4. Share your thoughts on particular social issues
Discuss social issues of interest to you. You need to know how supportive your potential partner is of such causes. If they matter to you, your advocacies and work will surely be easier with a partner who aligns with you. It’s also a window into the quality of your mind, your passion and vision.

5. Talk about food
You do want to talk about foods, if you are a foodie say it. They make beautiful conversations. You get to know your likes when it comes to food, your favourite café and restaurants and more. Whether you like to cook or not, your favourite drinks and just about anything.

Keep in mind, these conversations will set the tone for your next date, and the quality of your relationship in general. You want to be real and true to your words. Also, you need to know that a few seconds of silence is necessary to let both of you absorb the moment and read the room.

Now that you have these tips down, you can be sure you are ready for your first date, we strongly believe you'd find your fit on Boujee Connect.

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