Why you should find love with online dating during the pandemic

  • February 16, 2021 08:35
In a fast-paced city like London, building lasting relationships can be an extreme sport. This is the fault of no one. We all lead busy lives. We work so hard to be on top of our game, and sometimes this may affect our love lives. The date nights, baecations, and just about anything we can't factor into our routine suffers.

But the loneliness we feel after a day's job remains. Except that now, they seem to have been replaced by an
ever-present feeling of emptiness. Being single and Social distancing has not been easy, yet some people have admitted to finding love even during the pandemic.

We are now more aware of our loneliness. Stuck in the house alone, we run out of activities, of people to call, games to play to fill up the void we feel. We can't even go running in peace or lay back to see a movie just to sleep off.

The genuine need for love, acceptance, warmth, touch, sex, and all, stares us in the face because, like shelter, food, and everything that makes up the good life they are equally important. Well, except if we have embraced the loneliness we tend to drown with the noise that comes with success.

Still, we feel incomplete.

Now, more than ever, we are sure that it's time to find love. What then do we do?

Hold onto our fears or be intentional about who we choose, date, love, and enjoy the good things of life with.

Don't forget that dating, loving, caring, and everything that makes up a relationship is work. So, if we must succeed at it, we must also approach it with as much intentionality as we do with other things that truly matter. With as much candour, elegance, thoughtfulness. Yet with tenderness, willful vulnerability, and decisive openness.

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As you know, there is also the need to figure yourself out. Be it online dating or physical dating, we cannot reach the depth and experience we yearn for until we have at the least done that.
This is the part we often miss. We rarely have the patience to not jump into what looks like, feels like, but never is.

Patience, introspection, and intentionality are key.

We never always take note of seemingly simple questions that are meant to help us figure out what we need. What values we hold dear and how we define love. So for many, their feelings rock the boat until it rocks a rock.

When we’ve been hit hard, we blame our supposed partners for every failed date, similarly, jump into another and then blame them and unto another. After several crashes, we eventually retort to scaremongering. Going on and on about how love hurts.


Love and the process of finding it doesn’t hurt a wit.

Just find out what you could do differently going forward into another date.

We also can’t overemphasize the need to be mentally and emotionally healthy before starting again. A lack of it could explain why we meet an amazing person, with a good sense of humour, treats us to the right amount of sauce and juice, keeps us wanting more only for us to lose it and wonder why.

Once you know what you want, and why you want it, then commit to going slow, steady, and consistent being as intentional as possible.

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